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WPCLB AFL-CIO Political Schedule 2024

(scroll down to access questionnaires)


2/13/24: Questionnaire link is available and sent to the head of each county/town/city/village political party

3/25/24: Last day to submit questionnaire for local elections

(Once questionnaire is received, WPCLB will contact candidate to schedule an in person interview)

Primary Candidates MUST be interviewed by 4/10/24

4/10/24: Endorsements begin @ WPCLB Meeting

Remaining Candidates MUST be interviewed by 5/8/24

5/8/24: Final Endorsement Vote @ WPCLB Meeting

6/25/24: Primary Election Day

11/5/24: General Election Day


2/13/24: Candidate Questionnaires Distributed to Candidates with Likely Primary Challenges Only

3/29/24: Candidate Questionnaires Due

4/19/24: CLC/ALF Primary Recommendations Due

6/25/24: Primary Election Day

7/1/24: Candidate Questionnaire Distributed to Candidates in Races Not Already Considered

8/2/24: General Election Candidate Questionnaire Due

8/9/24: CLC/ALF General Election Recommendations Due

8/27-8/28/24: State AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention

11/5/24: General Election Day


Judicial - click below

Judicial Questionnaire 2024

 Local - click below

Local Candidate Questionnaire 2024

Congressional/State Senate/State Assembly Candidate Questionnaires

Candidates seeking a New York State AFL-CIO endorsement for Congress, State Senate or State Assembly should fill out the appropriate form linked below.

2024 AFL-CIO Congressional Candidate Questionnaire

2024 AFL-CIO Congressional Candidate Questionnaire    (passcode: Labor2024C)

2024 New York State AFL-CIO State Office Questionnaire

2024 New York State AFL-CIO State Office Questionnaire    (passcode: Labor2024)


WPCLB Endorsement Process

·        Once the dates/deadlines are decided, candidate questionnaires are available on our website (, and sent to the head of each county, town, city, village party for dissemination to candidates. Questionnaire links are also posted on social media.

·        A candidate must submit the WPCLB questionnaire by the stated deadline or it is not accepted.

·        Once a questionnaire is received, the candidate is scheduled for an in person interview.

·        A candidate must attend their WPCLB scheduled interview to meet with the PAC Committee to be considered for an endorsement recommendation.

·        The PAC Committee votes on their recommendation for endorsement of each candidate.

·        Recommendations are passed on to the WPCLB Executive Board at the next monthly meeting.

·        The WPCLB Executive Board discusses the PAC recommendations and any other information and then the Executive Board votes on a final recommendation to present to the delegates.

·        At the delegate meeting, the delegates are presented with a list of candidate endorsement recommendations for review, discussion and vote.

·        A 2/3 majority of those present and eligible to vote is required for a positive endorsement.


Please note: The WPCLB AFL CIO can only directly ENDORSE in local and judicial races. For state and congressional races, we can only RECOMMEND to the NYS AFL-CIO by following the same process above.

Disclaimer: Each individual union has their own process for endorsement. The abovementioned process is for the Westchester/Putnam Central Labor Body AFL-CIO only.